nanoproofed surface coating

Self purifying and air purifying contact surfaces protect social life in all areas.

Permanent disinfection of public spaces, offices, stores, restaurants, manufacturing plants or even means of transport. Through nanoproofed surface coating, contact surfaces are constantly freed from pathogenic substances. This also applies to indoor air that comes into contact with the coated surfaces. 

Thus, employees, service providers and customers are optimally protected. Nanoproofed surface coating is a decisive component in every modern hygiene concept.

nanoproofed surface coating

Innovation with sensational 8-fold effect.

Simultaneously acting properties protect contact surfaces from contamination with pathogens of all kinds and make an essential contribution to air purification. Infection chains are sustainably interrupted and at the same time a hygienic, healthy ambience is ensured. The ultra-thin, transparent surface coatings are versatile and can be used in almost all areas.


99.9999% effectiveness against bacteria & viruses.


The coating is effective for up to several years.


Constant, permanent self-cleaning.

air purifying

Surfaces simultaneously clean the air

nanoproofed surface coating 

Can be applied to almost all substrates.

Whether hard or flexible, colored or transparent, smooth or textured - the innovative coatings can be applied to almost all surfaces. The environmentally friendly basis of the coatings is water, which simply evaporates. What remains on each surface is a microscopically fine, transparent, imperceptible layer that is effective for years. 

Objects or surfaces - nanoproofed surface coating is used for coating glass, concrete, plastic, ceramics, metal, wood and also for textiles.

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